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21 x 14,8 x 1,5 cm
310 g

Garland of Sacred Hymns

Manthira Maalai, Aum Shuddha Shakti Aum




Garland of Sacred Hymns, Manthira Maalai, Aum Shuddha Shakti AumSummarising energy in a single mantra, Kavi Yogi Shuddhananda Bharati realised it. He managed to encompass in his mantra all the Light of Gayatri Mantra and pure Divine Energy. He offers us the possibility to discover and integrate this path into our daily life. In his singing and melodious text, the soul is liberated and vibrates to the sound of the mantra, a form of inner joy is born. I wish you to discover the first opening notes of this beautiful mantra.Many of the readers of Dr. Shuddhananda Bharati’s wide range of Book collection are aware that in many of the Books, the words Aum Shuddha Shakti appear and Dr. Shuddhananda Bharati attaches the utmost importance to Shuddha Shakti. In this Book ‘Manthira Maalai’, Swamiji explains the origin, power and his experiencing of that Shuddha Shakti. Many might have wondered what this Shuddha Shakti means and what the significance of that divine word Shuddha Shakti is.Such admirers can understand to a great extent by reading this Book, wherein Dr. Shuddhanandar gives an insight of Shuddha Shakti and explains in depth through poetry and prose, the mystic, the features of the all – powerful Shuddha Shakti.Garlands always have a great appeal to all human beings. It is a mark of respect, adoration and appreciation. If that garland made of sacred Hymns, which have unlimited powers and impact, is placed and presented in the form of a Book.The revered Author sums it up elegantly: “The Energy of the pure supreme Soul is what is everywhere, anything and everything. Its divine dance only is the precious World. The World that suffers due to the impure energies like the blemishes of desire, ego, will become peaceful only by the worship of the Pure Energy. Aum Shuddha Shakti.”Yoga Worship, Garland of Hymns for the Nine Planets, clarity of Soul, Reality, the Power of Sama Yoga and many more are the exciting topics that this distinguished Author covers in this Book, apart from a host of moral values.Kumar Srinivasa Nagaraja RaoEditions ASSA, Christian Piaget
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